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Case studies

Lights Out Pyrotek Turns Off Loud Noise During Manufacturing
Noise induced hearing loss (NIHL) is a common problem in the manufacturing industry. Pyrotek Noise Control was able to provide a custom solution to minimise the effects of NIHL for Lightforce's manufacturing staff.
Funky panels control café effect in a contemporary way
Pyrotek Noise Control was able to provide a solution to a noisy restaurant affected by the 'Cafe effect' where occupants subconsciously raise their voice to compete with reflected noise from other occupants.

Latest news

Lower the Volume
Pyrotek Noise Control has solutions to lower the volume of live musice venues, to provide peace and quiet for their neighbours.
Top 10 Noises Melbournians Love to Hate
Research has revealed that construction noise is the most hated noise in Melbourne. Read on to find out which other annoying noises made the top 10.

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